Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Found your Passion Yet ?

Seldom have we heard, "This is what I am born to do. And I have found my Passion in Life"

How many of these people, do you think are NOT Happy???  I bet None. Zilch. Zero.

We try to find Love, we try to find career, we try to find wealth... Just to find Happiness !

Fact is, You find Passion
And you Find Happiness

No matter how many times we watch- The Commencement speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford to find our Passion, no matter how many inspirational movies we watch like The Cinderella man, The Pursuit of Happyness, or for that matter read self-help books or watch "The Oprah Winfrey Show", we Never .. Ever find our Passion and the courage to find and pursue what we want.  

 Google finds a staggering 331 million results on 'How to find your passion' ,some say, 'Think what would be your eulogy, some talk about meditation etc.

But question is, if we know how to find it, then, Why don't we find it ?

Its like, after a year of hard work in office, most of us feel dejected of not being promoted or not being appreciated enough.
Well my point is not work performance here, my point is how many times after going through this, WE THINK   "I should really start doing something of my own" .... and we Think..... And ... we Think... and we go on thinking...

 Till the time we realise, that its again the same time of the next year, and we are being reviewed for our performance- Again!

Few probable reasons why we don’t find our Passion:

  • "I don’t have time for this" (may be because we have agreed & are so much in a comfort zone to our mediocre life that we like to remain in a self critic mode)
  • "People who find their passions are actually weirdos and I am not a weirdo! - I am Normal ! " like "Why would someone leave Harvard to start a small software company", which actually later made him the richest man in the world- yes, I am talking of Bill Gates! or may be Mark Zuckerberg .. the list is endless.
  • Or maybe we are just plain Lazy; giving reasons to ourselves 
  •  May be we deceive ourselves,"I have many family responsibilities. I can’t play with future of my kids/spouse. What if I fail ? "
  • Even saying, "It's a waste of time. Spending time on finding and pursuing my passion will make me financially unstable, I have loan, credit card,  EMI’s to pay. May be I will find it later.”
How to find Passion in life

Reasons may be many more, but we all know that if we find it, it we would be Happy Ever After, but still, We Don’t!
May be, we don’t recognise or even can imagine the VALUE of what Happy Ever After would be.

 So, are you the one who is still thinking of,
  •      What is my passion?
  •      Where do I find it ?
  •      And... When & How will I find it?

Imagine the whole concept of Work-Life Balance going out of window, if your work itself is your Passion. And then, it’s Passion & Life - No balance required. Right ?

So, tell if you have found your Passion ???

And If not, then what is your reason of not finding it yet???

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